Advanced Livescan Technologies fingerprinting for fbi form fd-258, chri, fso, doj, civil identity checking and other law enforcement applications.


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Because of the traditional high cost of Livescan fingerprinting systems your only choice has been to roll prints with messy ink, or pay high service fees sending employees to inconvenient outsourced fingerprint capture centers or local law enforcement facilities.

Advanced Livescan Technologies Inc. has leveraged their extensive industry experience and engineering expertise to provide a unique solution that has dramatically lowered the price of electronic Fingerprinting while increasing the value of ownership.

Our E-Veri-Tech-Solo Livescan Fingerprint Solution finally allows Government, Education and  Commercial customers to purchase their own in-house Livescan system, thus eliminating the risk of using costly, outdated and less secure alternatives!

The E-Veri-Tech Solo™  Cost Effective
Compact Footprint   •   Highly Portable


break the cycle of:

  • Dealing with the hassle of rejected print cards
  • Sending applicants to remote outsourced service fingerprint providers or law enforcement agencies
  • Paying for additional hidden costs such as mileage, parking, lost productivity and wages
  • The Negative impact to operations, training, workflow and the additional supervisory costs when waiting for paper or mail response.
  • Inconveniences to employees traveling to outsourced fingerprinting centers  which are typically located in busy metropolitan areas with congested with traffic long travel times.
  • Loss of proper Chain-of-Custody and associated security and legal risks
  • Manually tracking applicant billing fees and results
advanced livescan prevents rejected fingerprints

Our Advanced Livescan Solution makes it possible for employers to easily capture
  fingerprints in house in as little as 30 seconds or less!

  • Low cost of ownership, ease of use, effective, reliable and fast results
  • No prior fingerprinting experience needed
  • Eliminate expensive 3rd party fingerprint capture fees
  • No lost work, travel expenses, or wasted personal time reporting to expensive remote outsourced service providers
  • Receive Hit, no Hit and Rap Sheet responses within 24 hours or less
  • Eliminate paying for expensive new hire training only to have to terminate the employee when a derogatory Rap Sheet is discovered
  • Livescan ownership provides for absolute chain of custody and effective risk management
  • Provide a positive on-boarding experience for new hires
  • Single convenient billing management solution
  • Experience World Class hardware and technical support

e-veri tech solo for advanced livescan fingerprint scanning
The E-Veri Tech Solo™ has an easy to
use interface and provides fast results

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