advanced livescan fingerprint solutoions for banks and financial instutions

FBI Certified Solo Livescan® for Banks
and Financial Institutions

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solo from advanced livescan technologies for fbi direct channeling for banks and financial institutions

E-Veri-Tech Solo™ provides FBI Direct Channeling to process and submit fingerprints electronically for Banks and Financial Institutions. Solo has significantly lowered the price of Electronic Fingerprinting by providing an end-to-end integrated solution that includes FBI Direct Channeling, Secure CHRI Rap Sheet Delivery and Billing Management.

In-house Livescan incorporating ID Flats makes it possible to easily capture fingerprints in as little as 15 seconds with no special training or skill and to receive FBI CHRI reports in just hours!

Laws for federally chartered or insured banks (12 U.S.C. 1829) and credit unions (1785(d)) require financial institutions to take steps to avoid hiring an individual convicted of dishonest acts, (SEC 17 CFR Ch). (11 §240.17f-2) requires employees who handle securities to be fingerprinted. Consequently, all employees and contractors should be fingerprinted as a routine matter.

Compared to outsourced fingerprinting; Solo Livescan® will save time, travel expenses, postage, capture fees and other hidden costs, will provide foolproof chain of custody and can reduce rejections to less than 2%.

E-Veri-Tech-Solo can also integrate with your existing background screening provider for best practice criminal history investigations.

The FBI provides more information on Criminal History Record Information of Bank Employees and related entities
See the FBI CHRI Checks on Bank Employees and Related Entities page.

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