advanced livescan e veritech solo fingerprint solution fbi iafis certified turnkey solution for electronic scan fingerprinting

The E-Veri-Tech SOLO™ Livescan Solution

Advanced Livescan’s E-Veri-Tech SOLO™ is an FBI IAFIS certified turn key Livescan hardware and software solution for the FBI’s National Criminal History Background Check (Fingerprint Felony Search). Solo is a complete state of the art solution for agencies and employers authorized to receive civil Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) for non criminal justice purposes.

The DactyScan84™ is one of the newest and most sophisticated Livescan devices and is superior to the more expensive older equipment still being sold by competing manufactures. In our side by side bench tests, the DactyScan84 outperformed all other leading Livescan devices.

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E-Veri-Tech- SOLO details

SOLO’s fingerprint capture integrates the proven GreenBit Dactyscan84 Livescan deck. Dactyscan84 is a compact, high resolution, lightweight 4-Slap electronic Livescan device suitable for all applications requiring identification fast flats or rolled tenprint acquisition.

SOLO’s FBI IAFIS Certified fingerprint capture program requires little to no training, allowing easy capture of just three images; Left four slap, Right four slap and two simultaneous thumbs. On screen visual and audible quality scoring feedback, graphical icons and finger placement tips automatically prompt the operator through the entire simple capture protocol typically in 30 seconds or less.

To ensure high quality finger images, automated quality assurance feedback provides operators with advanced image processing algorithms expected in today’s sophisticated Livescan including:

  • Largest active scanning area
  • Proper Handedness Detection
  • Image Quality Assurance Ranking with manual override
  • Slide Detection of fingerprint deformations during acquisition
  • Auto Capture
  • Elimination of latent prints originated from recent scans
  • Auto Cropping and Halo Elimination due to moist fingerprints during acquisition
  • Image Segmentation
  • Automatic Sequence Checking
  • Marking of amputated or bandaged fingers
  • Auto Centering
  • Anti-Fake-Lite distinguishes between real human fingers and surfaces with false relief structure

HRIS Demographic Interface:

  • Our E-Veri-Tech SOLO FBI IAFIS certified turn key Livescan solution also includes a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) demographic data import interface at no additional charge.
  • Entry of additional information not available in the HRIS interface is simplified through the use of drop down selection lists for race, sex, hair color, eye color and other required fields.
  • Our optional Drivers license scanner will import machine readable data from all 50 state drivers' licenses and International Passports. These features are ideal for high volume processing by helping to speed up the data capture process and reducing key stroke errors
  • The E-Veri-Tech Solo's demographic interface is even HR-XML compliant !

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