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A leader in FBI Direct Channeling and Civil based National Criminal History Record Checks


About Advanced Livescan Technologies Inc.

Advanced Livescan Technologies Inc. is dedicated to delivering identity assurance solutions that combine uniform pre and post hire background screening policies with Biometric technology layering multiple layers of risk mitigation services on one universal platform.

Our Livescan Fingerprint Solutions provide value with immediate trusted identity information, help human resource operations address regulatory compliance, improved productivity, lower costs, and enhanced corporate security all while providing employees a positive on boarding experience.

Advanced Livescan Technologies has leading Livescan industry experts and has obtained rigorous FBI IAFIS certification for our SOLO Livescan solution.

Our advantages include:

  • Experienced Team: Over 25 years Technical Livescan Industry Experience, In house Livescan Programmers and Code Authors Centric to the Industry.
  • World Renowned Livescan Deck Manufacture since 1997: (ISO 9001/2000 certified), CE, FCC, ROHS, and KCC.
  • 1000’s of DactyScan84’s in operation World Wide.
  • Remote Help Desk Expert Technical Support.
  • Affordable Cost with supportive ROI information to validate your investment decision.
  • Built in FBI Channeler connectivity, billing management and secure on-line CHRI results.

E-Veri-Tech Solo is an FBI Certified Solution (Visit: )

“We are focused on making a Livescan Solution Affordable and cost-effective for any sized employer.”

In house, Livescan improves the chain of custody, saves employers and employee’s time, frustration and added expense of having to visit a remote outsourced fingerprint capture service or law enforcement agencies for FD-258 tenprint card services.

We encourage you to compare our quality, performance, support, and value to any other certified Livescan solution. We are confident that you will come to learn that Advanced Livescan Technologies Inc. is the perfect choice.

Our History

Advanced Livescan Biometric Fingerprinting History

Livescan systems (fingerprint image capture decks) have been around since 1989 and over the past 31 years have matured into robust USB Plug & Play peripheral devices much like a standard USB desktop printer, mouse or digital camera. In fact, today’s Livescan device is really just a special digital camera that takes “pictures” of an applicant's fingerprints.


Here in the United States, until recently, there have only been a handful of manufactures and large systems integrators involved with Livescan technology. These manufactures and vendors have been enjoying a cash-cow marketing advantage and are charging inflated prices with questionable customer service.

Up until the last few years, Livescan technology was literally considered “Black-Box rocket science” with only a handful of experts nationwide with the knowledge of how Livescan software worked “under the hood” so to speak. These vendors hope to keep it that way and continue to “mystify” end users to the supposed technical complexity of their Livescan systems to justify their high cost.

Fortunately, there have been a number of significant developments in fingerprint technology within the last two years that are helping to re-shape the industry:

  • Revised FBI EBTS data formatting rules standard.
  • FBI’s Recent Adoption of Type 14 Identification Flats Transaction.
  • Several new manufactures entering the Livescan space with low cost, high performance FBI certified Livescan decks.
  • Recent introduction of the FBI’s Certified Channelers Contract and channeler certifications in late 2007.

The result will be the rapid, global adoption for the use of ten flat fingerprints, or “Identification Flats” (ID Flats) for applications requiring fingerprint based identification of civilians in both private and public sectors.

For example, with the FBI’s new EBTS Identification Flats transaction, now ANYONE without any prior fingerprint training or skill can produce high quality finger impressions in 30 seconds or less with only few minutes of self training! No rolling of fingerprints required. This greatly reduces the complexity of the system, the time necessary to interact with the applicant and the cost to operate a fingerprint system.

Thanks to the above, these advancements are now helping Advanced Livescan introduce a new generation of affordable, innovative high value fingerprint compliance solutions.

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