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E-VeriTech Solo GoogleApp Privacy Policy

E-VeriTech Solo Privacy Policy  April 13th 2022

Thanks for using the E-VeriTech Solo Electronic Fingerprint Capture system.

Here we describe how we collect, use and handle your information when you use our software application and services.

No one under the age of 18 is permitted to use this application. 

You are able to see this link because you or your business has purchased the Advanced Livescan Technologies E-VeriTech Solo Livescan Electronic Fingerprint Capture system and related software application.

Our application allows you to use your Gmail account to allow permission for the E-VeriTech Solo software application to transmit (Send) electronic fingerprint files to the FBI and or State Criminal History Record Repositories.  Information is sent as an SMTP Email with an attachment.

The ONLY Data being collected, viewed and disseminated is your Gmail Address itself. (Example [email protected]).  No other personal identifying information is ever viewed, collected or used by our application or by Advanced Livescan Technologies Inc.

Legal Basis:

The National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Act of 1998 established the Compact Council (Council), which oversees the use of criminal history record information (CHRI) for noncriminal justice purposes.  (Title 42, United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 14616.) The Council also has the authority to promulgate rules and procedures pertaining to such use as the national background checks for noncriminal justice purposes, such as licensing and employment background screening. The CHRI check must be fingerprint-basedArticle V)[1].

E-VeriTech Solo users must grant access to the E-VeriTech Solo application to use their Gmail address for sending the fingerprint file to its destination address.

Our Electronic Fingerprint Application uses the following information to provide our service: Your or your business’s Gmail address is used to transmit the E-VeriTech Solo captured fingerprint file as an attachment to an SMTP email message.  Your email address can be seen in the “From Email” field  and is used to create and send the email message to the FBI and or a State Criminal History Record System.  

Your Sending email (From) address can be used by the FBI or State CHRS to send (reply emails) to your Gmail account administrative messages such as rejected fingerprint quality or improper ORI messages so you can take corrective action to edit, repair and resubmit any rejected records.

No other personal data or Gmail account holder information whatsoever is viewed, collected or disseminated from your Gmail account. No third parties will ever have any access to your e-mail account or personal data or non-fingerprint related email messages.  There is no way to accidentally send any non fingerprint based Gmail messages to the Livescan destination addresses.   

None of your personal Gmail messages are ever accessible, viewed, read, copied or redirected. Our application only allows the use of your Gmail account to send fingerprint records selected by you in our application and that are marked to allow a record send (submission).  

User Rights.

You or your company has the right withdraw your consent at any time. Users may easily discontinue the use of the application or Gmail submissions by disabling or deleting the Gmail address from the applications email configuration screen.  

(See Video Link on how to Configure and Send Fingerprint based e-mail messages within the E-VeriTech Solo application).  Revoke Gmail Permission in E-VeriTech Solo – Advanced Livescan Technology Inc.

Youtube URL:

Alternatively, user can log onto their Google G-Mail account and revoke access by using the Account Settings, Remove Site or App Access section of the Third Party Sites and Apps.

Any changes or updates to this Privacy Policy will be viewable from this pages web link.

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